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" Really don't be frightened, expensive Willie," spoke the small angel, "Mom saya that God watches about folks that survive the seas — And do not yon bear in mind, brother, how frequently onr expensive mother has told us that Jeaus loves very little little ones f If God watches ua and Jesus lov:!S us, we shall be aafe. So Do not be scared."

It appears, at any price, a little bit simplistic to cast this as an easy press-independence challenge. Did we make it possible for Nazi media to report about the liberation of North Africa?

We must aave People ohildreu, and do it, much too, without the boat coming iu connection with the ship, as that will be prompt de¬ struction to it and them in such a sea."

an excellent offer more challenging now, and i am snre mother would not like us to go from the shore from the boat when there is this kind of higher wind." "0, nonsense, Jenny; I bave heen all throughout the cave wheu it blew a fantastic deal harder than this.

“I've stopped that surat from administering his form of questioning for now. If Otho imagined you truly worth the hassle, then so do I.”

It ia all moonshine about the neatest and greateat Gentlemen currently being tbe early riseis. It might need been so in outdated timea, but uow-a-daya whou you see a chap shifting about quite early you may well be sure be is after a consume "

' Oh, expensive Sir,' replied J., 'it can be for that pretty cause read this article of thoae who tio is not going to lend lend me a farthing.'

A Girl was not too long ago teachiugaboy toapoll. The boy spelt " c-o-l-d," but couldn't Professional. nouuce it. In vain his teacher requested him to think and try. Finally she aaked him " What do yon get when you head out on the wet pavement on the wet day and wet your feet ?" '^Tgeta a licking."

AVKUY big and total stoct embracing many of the latetit advancements.—jnsf Porcbaaerx will see It useful to offer as a9U% get in touch with right before purcLaalng eli^ewbere. "*¦

A young lady bad a parasol carried absent by a guat of wind. Jr waa picked up by au Irishman, who returned it with the compli¬ ment : " Religion, Miss, an' if ye was as atrong as ye're handsome, a hurricane couldn't have snatched it from ye.'

N. B.—To meet Together with the demaads of my a lot of prospects who demand a coarser Pondrette, this qnallty of Poudrette being more suited to their ground, I take pleaanre Is informing my/riends tfaat I am qow maunfactnring this fascinating post, and bave concln¬ ded to KuppIy the trade at thirty centA for every bushel insUad of 40 cents, prlca billed for that Poudrette handed by way of a finer sift.

One of several points that men and women seem to overlook is the fact the United States has the capability to go ahead and take leader of our state (I wanted to say "No cost Globe" - ed.

Then the previous lady moved rouud, aud pat¬ ting her mouth on the previous guy's ear, shouted, in a voice that could bave completed credit score to Stentor just after he'd bought somewhat in yeara:

“This isn't a entrance-line unit. It displays the contempt where they maintain the forces of this earth.”

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